Investment Strategy

Heirloom follows a macro-thematic investment strategy to preserve and grow capital and manage investor risk. This investment strategy has been successfully applied by Canadian pension plans and sovereign wealth funds for 20+ years. McKinsey advocates that this investment strategy, and not individual security selection, generates most of the investment returns over the long term.

Heirloom pioneered the long-term, cross-asset, macro-thematic investment strategy for families and high-net worth individuals.

Effort is focused away from security selection (e.g. “stock-picking”) to applying fundamental research and value-investing principles to build investment themes from long-term trends and market dislocations.

This allows us to move away from the risks of picking individual securities and instead focus on the bigger underlying drivers of value creation and risk.

Capital is allocated across asset classes to a portfolio of securities with the best combination of theme exposure and value.

A similar strategy has been adopted by some of the world’s most sophisticated Sovereign Wealth Funds and Endowments for 20+ years.

McKinsey has identified this approach as the one that generates most of the investment returns over the long term as 90% of portfolio returns come from macro allocation rather than the <5% from individual security selection.