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Heirloom Investment Management offers Investment Advisory services to a select group of families with asset bases from $50mm to $5B. We work with the family, its family offices, and its trusted advisors to ensure that the family’s investment function is delivering an optimal level of service and is aligned with the family’s goals. Where a family has an existing investment team, we work closely with them as a supplement, not a replacement. Where a family does not have an existing investment infrastructure we can help them to build one, or we can provide this as a turn-key solution via our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer service.

Some examples of how we work with families include:

Portfolio Review:

We review a family’s existing investments and provide advice on how the portfolio is positioned, what risks the family may be exposed to, and our view on how the portfolio can be better aligned with the family’s goals.

Infrastructure Review:

We review the family’s investment infrastructure (advisors, service providers, employees, etc.) and provide our advice on areas for improvement.

Family Office Setup:

For families wishing to create a family office, we can assist by leading the buildout of the investment function of the office and suggesting specialists that can help create the other aspects of a family office.

Portfolio Supplementation:

Where a family’s current investment team does not have expertise in certain asset classes, geographies, etc. we can build a highly focused, customized portfolio of investments to provide the desired exposures.

Outsourced CIO:

For families that do not have an existing investment team, we can provide a full-service, turn-key investment function that allows the family to be as involved, informed and educated on their investments as they wish to be. This tends to be for larger families that want a higher level of customization, attention and involvement than can be provided by volume-focused advisors, private banks or multi-family offices.

Our Beliefs

  • Our member families should have access to investment and risk management excellence.
  • Our member families should be as informed, involved and educated as to their investments as they wish to be.
  • We serve at the pleasure of our clients, and are not entitled to custody of our member families’ assets or to lock-up agreements.
  • Our profit should be driven by helping our members achieve their goals, both financial and non-financial.
  • Our advice should not be influenced by misaligned economic incentives such as asset gathering, recommending internal funds or receiving kickbacks or commissions.