Principled Investing. Reliable Long-Term Solutions.


Heirloom Investment Fund SPC offers investors a diversified global, multi-asset investment strategy that targets consistent, long-term 9-11% net returns regardless of the general market environment.The Fund offers accredited investors access to Heirloom’s successful investment strategy for investments of $1mm or greater, with separately managed accounts for investments greater than $25mm.

Heirloom’s strategy adds valuable diversification to investors’ portfolios by offering a unique style and investment set compared to investors’ typical bias toward their home-market equity and real estate assets. A leader in macro-thematic investing, Heirloom identifies long-term, high-probability trends or themes, and invests in securities that are expected to capitalize on these themes.

We also incorporate risk management and portfolio construction directly into our investment decision making rather than treating them as a secondary process. This differentiates us from most managers and allows us to earn higher returns than warranted by the associated risk levels.

Heirloom prioritizes alignment with our investors at every stage. We receive no hidden incentives and our profitability is driven by delivering client value. Our team’s personal investment in the firm and fund ensures they will act in investor best interest.

The Fund appeals to investors looking for:

  • A well-diversified, safe, fund with attractive returns to serve as their primary investment vehicle.
  • An easy 1-stop diversification solution to their concentrations in operating businesses, real estate or other assets.
  • An uncorrelated, absolute return mandate to optimize their existing portfolio.