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Managed Accounts provide access to our investment capabilities without the process of goal setting and non‐investment advice that is part of our OCIO service.

Guided by customized parameters and constraints, we manage a customized portfolio on your behalf. All mandates are in accordance with our core investment strategy, but can be targeted as you desire within that strategy. For example “non‐local investments”, “broadly diversified” or “specific chosen attractive themes”.

Funded with a minimum $40mm, the structure of these accounts is flexible, with assets held in your name at a bank of your choice or as a segregated portfolio cell within our Cayman Islands investment fund. Authority levels can be customized from full discretion to requiring client signoff before investments are made.

Our fees are competitive and designed to align our interests. Generally management fees start at 1% of assets under management and 10% of the return, but this declines with scale and is dependent upon the complexity of the mandate. We do not take any transaction fees, kickbacks, trailer fees, embedded fees, etc. Total fees and expenses under Heirloom should compare favourably to other prospective advisors.

Characteristics of Heirloom’s Managed Account Services


A customized investment program, designed to reflect preferred return and risk levels, liquidity parameters, asset classes, regions, level of Sharia’h compliance and other characteristics and constraints.


Dictated by client, Heirloom can act with full discretion (subject to pre‐agreed parameters), or require client approval for any investments made.


Full reporting transparency is provided, with customized frequency and content of reports.


Fully flexible, Heirloom can work with your preferred structure.


Assets held in client name by a custodian of your choosing; we can work with your existing bank/custodian, can help you establish a new account or can setup a dedicated cell within our existing Cayman fund.


Fully flexible, there is no “lock‐up” and you may fire us at any time if you do not like our service.