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For families with a developed investment capability, Heirloom can act as an advisor to provide guidance or a 2nd opinion.

From acting on an Investment Committee to conducting periodic Portfolio Reviews, or educating/mentoring existing resources, clients often use this to supplement a Managed Account service.

EXAMPLE 1: Acting as a member of the client’s Investment Committee, Heirloom can bring our portfolio construction, risk management, cross‐asset‐class and global outlook and experience to help clients make better investment decisions across their entire portfolio. This can be a supplement to a Managed Account.

EXAMPLE 2: We can help formulate the overall investment strategy, design appropriate structures to implement this strategy and evaluate various service providers that have been hired. For one family we also sit on the boards of their operating companies so as to be able to provide better advice to them across their whole structure.

This is generally done on a fixed‐fee retainer basis.



Help evaluate the various ways to invest internationally, from directly to engaging a single manager as an adjunct to client’s current investment operation, to outsourcing a few specialist managers.


Help source tax/legal specialists and opine on their advice to create an efficient structure via which client will make and hold international investments.


Help identify, evaluate and choose specific investments or specialist managers or advisors via which client will implement international investment program.


Continually monitor and report back on the performance, risk exposures, prospects, etc. of the investment portfolio or investment managers.