Heirloom follows a long-term, cross-asset, macro-thematic investment strategy. McKinsey has identified this approach as the strategy that can help families and institutions move “From Big to Great” since it “puts the strategy back into asset allocation”.

These are the steps we follow:

  • Heirloom uses a long-term, cross-asset, macro-thematic investment strategy.
  • We identify attractive themes based on long-term trends and market dislocations, investing across asset classes in the securities that will most benefit from these themes.
  • When analyzing investments, we focus on understanding the drivers of investment returns, which gives us a greater understanding of, and ability to manage, risk exposures.

We generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by being:

PROACTIVE– We generate our own ideas, and find or even create, investment opportunities in attractive areas rather than wait for them to find us.

PATIENT– According to McKinsey, the average holding period for an investment manager today is 10 months. Our long-term focus and emotional control allows us to invest in longer-developing opportunities that short-term focused investors overlook.

NIMBLE – We are small and flexible, with a broad investment universe. This allows us to capitalize on opportunities that others might miss or be unable to implement.