You can also access our investments and solutions on an individual basis.



SUMMARY Clients can participate in specific investments that Heirloom is investing in for its Portfolio accounts. De-risking and return enhancement for larger publicly listed equities, currencies and bonds.
MIN. INVESTMENT AMOUNT Varies, but typically $1mm $1mm per individual security

Must be at least $3mm in aggregate

WORKS BEST FOR CLIENTS WHO WANT… To choose specific investments in which to participate. Risk protection and return enhancement for specific tradeable securities.
STRUCTURE Varies, but typically a Cayman Segregated Portfolio Company, investing pari-passu with Heirloom’s Portfolio Clients.

Return Profiles depend upon individual investment characteristics.

3-Year Term, with ability to liquidate early (though 1- year notice for full liquidation).

Derisking structure typically results in full capital protection with 2-3% annualized return improvement.

Return enhancement structure typically results in 5- 20% annualized return enhancement with just 1-5% max loss per year.

DOMICILE Cayman Islands Customized – we can facilitate through current bank or set up new structure
FEES Varies, but ranges between 0.25%-2%

management fee and 2.5-20%

performance fee.

No commission or management fee.

Performance fee of 10% above underlying return, unless return is negative (then no fee).