Principled Investing. Reliable Long-Term Solutions.

Investment Benefits

Investing with Heirloom provides diversification and balance to investment portfolios, offering consistent long-term performance that is uncorrelated to most other investments. This reduces overall investment portfolio risk while delivering strong results in all market environments.

Diversification Reduces Risk

Global multi-asset investing adds diversification to typical regional home bias and concentration in equities and real estate. A 2012 study by Vanguard found Canadian investor portfolios are, on average, 10x overexposed to their home country. A 2014 Invesco study found that GCC nationals were 20x over-exposed to their home region.

Capital Preservation

Heirloom’s mandate starts with preserving its investors’ capital. We accomplish this mainly by integrating risk management directly into our investment process. By choosing which risks to undertake, we can ensure that our portfolios are not overly exposed to any one risk.

All Weather Performance

Investing in long-term, highly probable trends delivers strong returns with relatively low risk; this allows us to be competitive during equity market boom years and excel in down-years. Historical equity exposure < 20%.


A 2014 study by Preqin found that smaller “emerging” managers outperformed larger managers by an average of 2.5% per year net of fees. We believe in the power of being nimble, and will never grow too large. This ensures that we can focus on investment excellence and client service, rather than gathering assets.


Heirloom targets 9-11% net returns over the long-term, regardless of the general market environment. Our investment strategy is designed to make asymmetric investments where the risk and magnitude of loss is low. To achieve this, we are willing to cap our maximum gain, or share some of the profit.


Creating opportunities often yields the best returns. At Heirloom, we look for investments to capitalize on our research, even when there are limited existing opportunities to express the theme. In instances where investment avenues don’t exist, we participate in their creation.