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Heirloom Investment Management

Heirloom investment management empowers affluent families by delivering them investment excellence.

Built as the in-house investment function for a canadian family in 2009, Heirloom now acts as a trusted advisor and investment manager to a select group of families in Canada and the GCC.

Our investment advisory services are available for families with asset bases of $50mm to $5B, and range from providing a second opinion on your current portfolio to supplementing your investment team, or acting as a dedicated investment function via our outsourced chief investment officer function. We work directly with family members and their family offices / advisors to deliver a higher level of involvement, customization and attentive service in comparison to volume-focused advisors, private banks and multi-family offices.

Those who do not require advisory services but desire access to our successful investment strategy and attractive return profile may invest as little as $1mm in our cayman Islands based heirloom investment fund SPC.

Outsourced CIO to Heirloom Fund

We develop Investment Solutions for different client types, providing access to our high- performing investment strategy

You can access our strategy in two key ways:

Portfolio Solutions

Individual Investment Solutions

We also provide Advisory Services, which range from a complete in-house investment function as Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) to acting as a sub-advisor to Investment Management firms.

Outsourced CIO

Comprehensive investment management function with a high degree of customization for the needs of the family or its advisors. This includes reporting, involvement in investment decisions, etc.

Useful when there is no existing investment team, or when they do not have the time/capability to manage an investment portfolio.

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Managed Accounts

Flexible access to Heirloom’s core investment strategy, with ability to target particular investment criteria (e.g.non‐local investments, Shari’ah compliant, theme‐specific).

Customized reporting, flexible family/team/advisor involvement and custom structure (e.g. existing banks).

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Advisory Services

For families with established investment capabilities, Heirloom can act in an advisory capacity.

This could include acting on an investment committee, conducting a periodic portfolio review, and/or educating/mentoring existing resources.

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The ability to co‐invest alongside investments we are making for our other clients.

Most suitable as a complement to a Managed Account or the Heirloom Fund.

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Heirloom Fund

Direct access to Heirloom’s core investment strategy and performance via an established Cayman vehicle. Gold‐standard governance and infrastructure.

Suited to smaller investment sizes, or for those that do not need a customized managed account.

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Commitment to our Investors

We commit to empowering our member families to exceed their goals by delivering investment excellence with the highest level of service, security, discretion and integrity. We commit to developing bespoke strategies and processes that allow families to be as informed, involved and educated on how their capital is invested as they wish to be. We commit to serving at the pleasure of our clients in return for a fully-aligned system that ensures we are compensated only when we deliver on our client commitments.